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The creations below are available for order anytime and for any occasion! Some photos have specialty colored dipped chocolate/sprinkles and can be customized to fit your event. If you're looking for something you don't see here, worry not! There's a spot to contact me at the bottom of the page. I would be honored to work alongside you to create something special for the ones you love! 

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Two secret ingredients make these my number 1 best seller out of all the creations I've made to date! I made 400 of these for a bride to serve in place of cake at her wedding, and have made over 2,500 of these for my Cookies for a Cause fundraisers. People cannot get enough of them!

2 Dozen= $25

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Peanut Butter Cookies

To have chocolate chips or not to have chocolate chips, that is the question. The answer is, it doesn't matter, these are amazing either way! These were just used as a featured cookie in my latest Cookies for a Cause fundraiser. 1,500 cookies later, I feel like I've perfected it!

2 Dozen= $25

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Tiger Butter

Every Reese's lover's dream! Smooth peanut butter fudge with milk chocolate ribboned throughout. Order by the 9X9 pan size cut in to bite size squares. 

1 order= $15

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Oreo Truffles

"America's favorite cookie" meets the sharp, smooth, creamy deliciousness of Philadelphia cream cheese with a little secret ingredient and dipped in perfectly tempered chocolate (color of your choice). It's the perfect delectable bite!

2 dozen= $25

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels

Fluffy whipped peanut butter filling sandwiched between two pretzels and dipped in tempered chocolate (color of your choice).

20 sandwiches= $25

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